Johan Piek

Adults, Grief, Rainbow, Therapist
BA (Humanities); BA Hons (Psychology); MA (Clinical Psychology and Community Counselling) 


I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa and have now made Christchurch my new home. I left South Africa in 2016 to travel, explore and focus on self-growth before settling in New Zealand in 2019. Since then, I have worked in various clinical positions within a public agency and now work part-time.


One of my many passions (other than travel, music, film, and food) is connecting with people on a deeper intellectual and emotional level while supporting them through confronting experiences and life challenges. Seeing, understanding, and nurturing the inner being of my clients forms the basis of my work. I try to establish a sense of trust, reciprocity, and safety with clients by creating an emotional space that is inclusive and non-judgmental. In addition, I use my theoretical knowledge and training to provide focus, clarity, and structure to experiences and parts of themselves that feel chaotic, vague, or scary. I support clients to make things seem more manageable, figure out solutions to challenges that feel overwhelming, and plan a pathway forward to increase their overall functioning and sense of wellbeing.


My special interests are in the fields of anxiety and depression, adjustment to life stressors and health conditions, grief/loss, behavior change, managing the symptoms of Adult ADHD and personal growth. I feel most comfortable working with adults and am experienced in working with the LGBTQI+ community. I use various theoretical models and adjust my style and modality to the client’s needs.


I prefer reaching out to prospective clients via email or phone before scheduling the first session to connect and see whether I would be the most comfortable fit as a therapist. I am available for both online and in-person consults.


When I’m not working, you will likely find me meditating in my favorite chair, cooking while listening to music with a glass of red wine, or on the couch watching Netflix. I also like spending time in nature and often go on long hikes or leisurely walks along the beach. Otherwise, I will probably be vacuuming, cleaning, or meticulously organizing things around the house…