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We will be running future Adult ADHD treatment groups, although are not currently recruiting. E-mail us for more details.


We will endeavor to match you with an available therapist to meet your needs, however, like many private practitioners, there are times where we have no capacity to see new clients or decline referrals for other reasons (even when our website may indicate we are accepting referrals).


We decline referrals where our therapists do not hold competence in the specialty areas required or we believe the client’s needs would be best met in the public mental health system. Moreover, individual clinicians may decline referrals even if they have made contact with a client to gather more information to assess if they are a good fit for the client.


Please do not be discouraged if we are unable to see you and continue to look for another clinician elsewhere.


Self-referrals are welcome for most services. Please seek a GP referral for ADHD assessments or to access funding for Transgender Care.


To access our services send us an email to team@thepsychologyhub.co.nz and answer the following questions (which will help us consider the best therapist for you):


(1) What is your reason for seeking an assessment or therapy?
(2) Your age and gender identity
(3) If you are needing to use external funding options (ie ACC)


If you have a specific therapist in mind, please let us know. If that therapist is not available, we will attempt to match you with an alternative therapist.

GP/Health Professional Referrals

Referrals are welcome either via email team@thepsychologyhub.co.nz or via ERMS.

Urgent Needs

The Psychology Hub clinicians do not offer an emergency service. This means they cannot respond to risk issues immediately and do not have capacity to manage emergency situations.


If you are experiencing a risk issue and/or a psychiatric emergency please:


1) Utilise your available support/strategies such as friends and family.


2)  If you need to talk with someone you can call or txt 1737 to talk with a counsellor (24/7).


For peer support you can call 0508 WARMLINE (0508 927 654).


Access resources on the mental health foundation website at https://mentalhealth.org.nz/help/support-for-myself


3) See your GP


4)  For urgent mental health assistance in the Canterbury region please call 0800 920 092. This number will connect you with a trained mental health registered nurse who can offer warm, friendly professional phone support and triage to the Crisis Resolution Team if required


5)     If you have injured/harmed yourself please go to your GP office or the Emergency Department/ call an Ambulance