Simon Panckhurst

Adolescents, Adults, Therapist

PGDipClinPsyc, MSc(Hon), MBS, BCom, DIPT, MNZCCP



Simon has worked with children and youth, when it was the Canterbury District Health Board, since 2012 and privately (Tui Psychology) since 2016. Most recently he worked with Canterbury University students at the Health Centre. Previously he taught at secondary level and worked in HR, owning a recruitment consultancy assisting the social sector.


Simon has worked with clients experiencing; depression, GAD, social anxiety, OCD, panic disorder, trichotillomania, emetophobia, grief, trauma, post-concussion syndrome, relationship difficulties, loss and adjustment. Simon also supports clients with an ADHD diagnosis to better manage their symptoms.


Simon utilises Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is essentially a cognitive behavioural approach that helps the individual accept those things beyond their control and commit to their values, in the face of adversity. ACT can often sit well with those for whom “thought challenging” felt somewhat insufficient. Simon likes to incorporate concepts from compassion focused therapy and emotion focused therapy when relevant.


Simon has two sports mad children, both in the middle of their schooling years. Simon used to participate in competitive running events, and currently enjoys tramping, surfing, indoor football, woodwork and mountain biking. Simon has a long association with Big Brothers Big Sisters Christchurch and was Board Chairperson from 2015-18.


He has an appreciation for good coffee and while he is undecided about mowing the lawns, he hates cleaning the oven.